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Terms and Conditions:

Site Usage Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions establish the rules for using the Specialist Rentals Limited web site. These are called the "Site Usage Terms and Conditions". To view this agreement please click on the link below.

Download our Site Usage Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

The "Rental Terms and Conditions" have been formulated to provide an agreement that exists between the Rentor (the equipment owner) and Rentee (the person renting the equipment) throughout the rental process. These terms and conditions can be customised to provide you with the ability to add additional items that may be required. To do so use the link below to download the document, edit it and use the file upload feature provided in "My Information" in your account settings.

Download our Rental Terms and Conditions


Specialist Rentals Limited does not charge an annual subscription fee. To cover our costs we charge 10% on each rental. Minimal fees apply, see terms and conditions for further information.

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